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Brandval, Hedmark, NOR



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BREDESEN Sander, Lars  22 Dec 1811Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I1466
2 DIGERNES, Olava  9 Nov 1851Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2218
3 HALVORSDTR, Mathilde  1882Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I3009
4 HALVORSEN, Harald  1881Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I3008
5 HALVORSEN, Ole  1879Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I3007
6 HANSON, Charles M.  7 Mar 1845Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I1165
7 LARSDTR Sander, Anna  5 Jul 1858Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2182
8 LARSDTR Sander, Bertea  21 Oct 1840Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2172
9 LARSDTR Sander, Gunni  1844Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2176
10 LARSEN Sander, Halvor  18 Oct 1862Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2184
11 SANDER, Alberta  1 Feb 1852Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2202
12 SANDER, Arne  19 Jul 1850Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2190
13 SANDER, Bertea  30 Dec 1854Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2194
14 SANDER, Emilie  10 May 1856Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2206
15 SANDER, Emma  17 Mar 1855Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2204
16 SANDER, Gerhard  26 Jun 1859Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2198
17 SANDER, Karelius  18 Nov 1852Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2192
18 SANDER, Karen Betsy  Abt 1858Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2208
19 SANDER, Olaf  16 Feb 1857Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2196
20 SVENNINGSDTR Huseby, Karen  11 Jan 1821Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I945
21 SVENNINGSDTR Huseby, Maren  5 Sep 1825Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2389
22 TORDSEN Aarstad, Søren  Abt 1705Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2461


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BERGERSEN Sander, Erik  23 Jan 1739Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I986
2 ERIKSEN Helgebøl, Svenning  19 May 1755Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2224
3 ERIKSEN Sander, Brede  21 Mar 1779Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I958
4 JONSEN Helgebøl, Erik  7 Jun 1722Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2447
5 PEDERSEN Skaare, Lars  1 Jan 1751Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2222
6 SVENNINGSDTR Huseby, Karen  18 Feb 1821Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I945
7 SVENNINGSDTR Huseby, Maren  25 Sep 1825Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2389
8 SVENNINGSDTR Tollerud, Ingri  25 Mar 1723Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2448
9 SØRENSDTR Aarstad, Eli  2 Feb 1744Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I987


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERGERSDTR Gjølstad, Karen  1718Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2909
2 BERGERSDTR Gjølstad, Maren  1741Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2907


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BERGERSEN Sander, Erik  20 Jan 1818Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I986
2 ERIKSEN Sander, Brede  17 Apr 1862Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I958
3 JONSEN Helgebøl, Erik  8 Sep 1782Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2447
4 OLSDTR Pixrud, Eli  21 Oct 1821Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2223
5 PEDERSEN Skaare, Lars  14 Mar 1818Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2222
6 SØRENSDTR Aarstad, Eli  8 Jan 1809Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I987
7 TOSTENSDTR Sorknes, Marte  23 Dec 1728Brandval, Hedmark, NOR I2945


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BERGERSEN Snapa / TORESDTR  20 Nov 1714Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F1916
2 ERIKSEN Sander / LARSDTR Skaare  3 Jan 1808Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F393
3 EVENSEN Sander / OLSDTR  27 Mar 1788Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F400
4 JONSEN Botner / GUDBRANDSDTR  23 Aug 1738Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F1884
5 JONSEN Helgebøl / SVENNINGSDTR Tollerud  5 Nov 1744Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F945
6 NILSEN Sander / KRISTOFFERSDTR Enger  14 Oct 1756Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F413
7 OLSEN Brynn / KNUTSDTR Torderud  25 Aug 1735Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F1707
8 PEDERSEN Skaare / OLSDTR Pixrud  30 Dec 1782Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F406
9 SVENNINGSEN Helgebøl / ERIKSDTR Sander  5 Jan 1817Brandval, Hedmark, NOR F394

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